ONE = Only Nature Endures, is also known as OneNature. We are a self reliant NGO, promoting sustainable technologies to enhance ourselves, our society and our environment. Technology in simple words means a method to solve a problem. We focus on some basic human necessities which include Joyful Life and Healthy Environment. Projects are done using teamwork.

There are several brilliant technologies lying unutilized owing to a lack of awareness and possible vested interests. We feel that if the potential of a technology is to be optimally harvested there needs to be unity in society. There are widespread but scattered efforts by various organizations in this direction. We act as a catalyst to synergize some of these efforts. We activate latent potentials to create public awareness and enthusiasm while building global teams / networks.

Philosophy of ONE

Nature (Universe) is Wise, Self-sustaining, Positive and Holistic. It is "ONE" - integrated & harmonized system. This "ONE" ness should be preserved for any Technology to be sustainable.

The solution of many modern societal problems lies within natural processes and mechanisms. Like nature we must learn to function in an integrated sustainable manner.

Society has the potential to enhance itself, the nation and the world. Technology is a method to solve a problem. If nature or society is ignored by a “technology”, problems are created and not solved, as is commonly seen.


The concept of ONE originated in 1983 when Mr. Joy Manglani returned from US & Europe with a realisation that India (Rural & Urban) has tremendous latent potential. The name was coined in 1992. In 2000, the NGO was registered. Since its inception, ONE and its founders have successfully done projects in areas such as: Water and Sanitation, Eco-friendly Handcrafted Textiles & Clothing, Organic Farming, Eco-friendly Asbestos Cement, Business revival, Engineering, Awareness and Justice.