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One Nature Waste Development (OWD) Awareness & Justice Eco Friendly Asbestos Cement Organic Farming & Eco-friendly Textiles During 1998-2000, after an in-depth R&D by us, done internationally, we found that Asbestos Cement Water Supply Pipes and Roofing Sheets are far more eco-friendly and occupationally safe than their alternatives like metals and plastics. The US EPA Ban of 1990 on these products was reverted by US Courts in 1991 itself due to the said reason. However due to lobbies and lopsided media coverage, the reversal of this Ban is almost unknown till date. Asbestos Cement is banned or being banned in many countries. This ban was coming in India in about 2000-2001 but was reverted due to our efforts at the National and State levels. • Our comparative analysis demonstrated that on grounds of economy, efficiency, ecology and safety etc. Eco-Friendly Asbestos Cement (AC) technology is better than its alternatives for making and using pressure pipes and corrugated roofing sheets. • We enhanced the substandard AC pressure pipe Indian Standards to help ensure world-class quality and their optimum field performance. • During our dispute with WTO, their top level officials admitted that their decision of 2001, against Asbestos trade, was hurried and wrongful because it was taken under tremendous lobby pressure of US and Europe. For more information: