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One Nature Waste Development (OWD) Awareness & Justice Eco Friendly Asbestos Cement Organic Farming & Eco-friendly Textiles “Current Sanitation methods convert pollution to disaster and lead to major problems faced by society today, such as; water pollution, water scarcity, loss of soil fertility, global warming, poor economy, poor health and loss of life”, stated Dr Steven Esrey & Ingvar Anderson of WHO in 1999. The methods continue to be the same, even in 2014! Onenature Waste Development (OWD) (India Patent appln. no. 2135/MUM/2011) is a new invention for Water Harvesting and Sanitation to resolve the said problems. In OWD, waste is integrated in a bioreactor which neutralizes organic waste using inorganic waste, instead of decomposing it, thus no foul gases, unclean water or acids are released. Additives and bioreactor are made from inorganic waste and have a lush green garden on the surface. OWD utilizes the chemicals and nutrients in waste and destroys pathogens. OWD is safer, ecological, efficient and economical compared to alternatives. It’s more energy & space efficient. It’s much easier to construct, operate and maintain. OWD can completely replace the bulky complicated conventional STPs which are operationally and environmentally hazardous, highly inefficient, extremely expensive, not possible for small communities and very difficult and expensive to operate and maintain. They are very stinky and have very harmful and polluting products - liquid, solid and gases.
Applications of OWD; With its various embodiments, OWD can be used for enhancement of air, water and soil by the management and treatment of solid and liquid waste of municipalities, communities, slums, hospitals, hotels, industries, food processing units, raw water, swimming pools, polluted water bodies & degraded lands etc. Even potable water can be generated from waste water. It can be made for any capacity. 
1. The sewage is being distributed on this Bioreactor which has a grass garden on the surface and a 1.5 meter deep tank filled with granular media below it. The sewage gets treated and aerated as it seeps down in about 7 minutes. The process is odorless.
2. A small recycle feed of treated sewage is fed into the Sewage tank to enhance the treatment and highly reduce the sewage smell. The fresh sewage is pumped onto the Bioreactor. 3. In this STP, the sewage is converted to liquid fertiliser, grass and some bio- mineral fertiliser. The brown color of the sewage is gone and clear effluent water is obtained which is an excellent liquid fertiliser. By slightly modifying the media, the sewage can even be converted to drinking water instead of liquid fertiliser.
OWD Pilot Project, near New Delhi